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twitter – The better Twitter for tea? appears to be a relatively new site (beta) dedicated to what I’m finding to be a hot trend among the tea savvy and uber-geeky…the need to constantly update others of what we are sipping at every moment of the day.

I know this is completely lost on most of my non “tea enthusiastic” friends. They don’t understand that we’re not just drinking this stuff. We cherish our sources, and love to share information about our favorite teas and how we prepare them. We also like to tell others about experiences that aren’t so good, so they can avoid a lousy cuppa. I thought I had found my ultimate tea update crazy-place in Twitter, where I’ve been enjoying a casual back and forth with my new found tea birds. That was, until I discovered Steepster.

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A few Tea Tweets worth Repeating, 3/5/09

@lainiep:Lament of the Leaves: Tea Carnage! #feedly #tea

@TeaEscapade:Think I’m considered the resident geek at work because of my tea obsession.

@teaforlife:Tragedy. Hate to lose good tea. This may become more of a problem over time.

@tropicalteaco:#3 FREE TEA CLUB sample will be Buckingham Palace Garden Tea Party. If you are not a member its not 2 late.

@thetearooms:Under covers, days unshowered, reading mindless rubbish, cup of tea at bedside, alarms set for when I nod off: this is life.

@damnfinetea:Having some coffee

ReTweeting Tea Tweets

Don’t know about you, but I’ve been doing a bit of following some amazing “tea birds” on Twitter, and love seeing what can be conveyed – or totally misconstrued – within the confines of 140 characters.

With this in mind, I’m in the process of collecting some of my favorite Tea Tweets of the week to post here on the blog. Will keep you posted on what I find – perhaps one of them will be yours!

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