Tomorrow is my birthday. On a Monday. Bah. So early Saturday morning my husband comes down the stairs with a box, saying that he wanted to give me my gift early so I could enjoy it through the weekend.

The sight of the box alone sent me into shock. There it was – what I really wanted for my birthday but had never dared tell him. How did he know of its existence? Where in the world did he get it? How did he become a mind reader?

But there it was. The lovely corrugated cardboard box wrapped in rope that could only be holding one thing…my very own Sorapot.

It is a weighty pot in brushed silver. A thing of beauty on it’s own, but far more beautiful with tealeaves in it. A bit clumsy to use in terms of opening and closing, but honestly worth the bit of extra effort not to pinch your fingers in it. The first pour was a bit awkward, since I’m used to pouring slowly – it needs to be thoroughly tipped in order to pour correctly. But once I got the hang of it I was golden.

We don’t have a display cabinet in our house. This teapot may be a game changer in that regard. Will this be the Wagenfeld Teapot of my generation? So far, loving my Sorapot…and feeling quite a bit spoiled for my birthday!