My house is busting with printed material on all kinds of things – books I’m reading, pamphlets on attractions I’ve visited, and of course tons of flyers and business cards communicating all kinds of information regarding teas and different companies which provide them. Where is this paperless world I thought I’d be living in around 2009-ish?

I suspect it’s a bit more of a ways away. But for now I can get a couple my tea magazines online – and that’s a pretty good start.

The Leaf is a new magazine which exists exclusively online (for free!). I feel it is a little difficult to read, but mostly because the articles are packed with information and my screen could be a bit bigger! Layouts and photography are lovely. Subject focus for this magazine is mostly Chinese teas and traditions. For a $25 donation, The Leaf is offering a gift package containing fine tea and a black & white printout of the most recent issue. I wish them continued luck, and encourage you to check them out if you haven’t already.

I’ve also recently learned that Tea, A Magazine is now available in an online edition. They are charging $12 per year or $24 for two years at, a site for digital magazine subscriptions. Tea, A Magazine focuses on various teas and traditions from around the world.

William I. Lengeman III of Tea Guy Speaks put out a great list of tea periodicals available in paper form, for those of us still stuck in not-so-paperless 2009. You can visit his article directly by clicking this link.

If you enjoy other tea periodicals online, please do the favor of sharing via comments below. Looking forward to hearing about what else is out there that may have been missed in this post!