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Tea Magazines – available online!

My house is busting with printed material on all kinds of things – books I’m reading, pamphlets on attractions I’ve visited, and of course tons of flyers and business cards communicating all kinds of information regarding teas and different companies which provide them. Where is this paperless world I thought I’d be living in around 2009-ish?

I suspect it’s a bit more of a ways away. But for now I can get a couple my tea magazines online – and that’s a pretty good start.

The Leaf is a new magazine which exists exclusively online (for free!). I feel it is a little difficult to read, but mostly because the articles are packed with information and my screen could be a bit bigger! Layouts and photography are lovely. Subject focus for this magazine is mostly Chinese teas and traditions. For a $25 donation, The Leaf is offering a gift package containing fine tea and a black & white printout of the most recent issue. I wish them continued luck, and encourage you to check them out if you haven’t already.

I’ve also recently learned that Tea, A Magazine is now available in an online edition. They are charging $12 per year or $24 for two years at, a site for digital magazine subscriptions. Tea, A Magazine focuses on various teas and traditions from around the world.

William I. Lengeman III of Tea Guy Speaks put out a great list of tea periodicals available in paper form, for those of us still stuck in not-so-paperless 2009. You can visit his article directly by clicking this link.

If you enjoy other tea periodicals online, please do the favor of sharing via comments below. Looking forward to hearing about what else is out there that may have been missed in this post!

It’s getting late…

Geeks love Tea

Saw both of these items on Think Geek, one of my favorite sites for gift items I find funny and my husband never understands.

Yerba Mate, Gourd and Bombilla Set!…it’s not quite tea (Mate is not derived from the Camilla Sinensis plant), but Mate is showing up on tea sites and in tearooms everywhere in the US.
Monkey-Picked Tea!…I suspect an oolong. And no, it’s not really picked by monkeys “Monkey-Picked” is supposed to mean that the tea is of better quality*. Just remember quality is subjective. And that the tea vendor may really want you to believe they have Monkeys tending tea bushes. This teaches us if you want to impress others, telling them their food was collected by animals wins points.

I like how tech geeks are seeing beyond the industrial coffee makers and flavia machines of the world to get their fix. But hell, I just love geeks in general. And ones that know what to do with a Bombilla? Sweetness.

*correction/addition: Sandy M Bushberg of T-Ching was kind enough to contact me via Twitter with a far better explanation of “Monkey-Picked” than I provided. He says “Monkey-picked usually refers to the legends about the highest (and best quality) tea leaves picked in the Wuyi Shan mountains.” Many thanks for the correction.

A few Tea Tweets worth Repeating, 3/5/09

@lainiep:Lament of the Leaves: Tea Carnage! #feedly #tea

@TeaEscapade:Think I’m considered the resident geek at work because of my tea obsession.

@teaforlife:Tragedy. Hate to lose good tea. This may become more of a problem over time.

@tropicalteaco:#3 FREE TEA CLUB sample will be Buckingham Palace Garden Tea Party. If you are not a member its not 2 late.

@thetearooms:Under covers, days unshowered, reading mindless rubbish, cup of tea at bedside, alarms set for when I nod off: this is life.

@damnfinetea:Having some coffee

ReTweeting Tea Tweets

Don’t know about you, but I’ve been doing a bit of following some amazing “tea birds” on Twitter, and love seeing what can be conveyed – or totally misconstrued – within the confines of 140 characters.

With this in mind, I’m in the process of collecting some of my favorite Tea Tweets of the week to post here on the blog. Will keep you posted on what I find – perhaps one of them will be yours!


I received the Cocomotion years ago as a shower gift. Initially I felt silly using it, but it keeps my milk from burning and is fun to watch.

I wanted to tweet about my newest use for this device, but it’s beyond fail whale at the moment.

1/2 cup milk
1 heaping teaspoon hot coco powder
1/2 teaspoon matcha

Send it for a spin and dump it in your matcha bowl. Sooo tasty.

More on tea and tweeting later!

Would calling this “Turning a new Leaf” be lame?

Do you enjoy tea? Do you spend too much time on your computer? Perhaps you are leading a life similar to mine!

In a former life, I was a tea expert for an online tea company. In my current life, I work for an internet marketing company. Since my head is likely in one of these places or the other, I’ve decided to join them here.

Life is too short to drink bad tea. I refuse to drink a bad cup infront of a monitor. I hope you feel the same way, and look forward to sharing thoughts/links/recommendations with all the tea-minded techies out there.

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