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Love Tea, Art and History? Live in LA? Visit the Fowler Museum!

Tea chest. Japan, early 20th century. Wood, exterior paper decoration, tin lining. photo courtesy of Fowler Museum at UCLA
Tea chest. Japan, early 20th century. Wood, exterior paper decoration, tin lining. Private Collection. Photo courtesy of Fowler Museum at UCLA

Starting tomorrow and running through November 29th, the Fowler Museum at UCLA will be presenting Steeped in History: The Art of Tea.

The exhibit features art from Asia, Europe and America. Pieces on display include paintings, tea paraphernalia, rare ceramics and prints.  Focus is not only on the items and their beauty, but much upon the politics and history surrounding tea. This comes as little surprise, as Steeped in History: The Art of Tea is guest curated by Beatrice Hohenegger, author of Liquid Jade: The Story of Tea from East to West Continue reading “Love Tea, Art and History? Live in LA? Visit the Fowler Museum!”

Ignite Baltimore!

I’m very excited to be presenting at Ignite Baltimore tonight. Speakers are given the opportunity to talk about whatever they wish, and are given 5 minutes and 20 slides (advancing every 15 seconds) to do it.

My presentation will be on tea (duh) – focusing on why it’s my personal beverage of choice and giving a bit of a crash course in tea basics. You can read a bit more about it here.

Earthbound Tea has made a fantastic offer to Ignite Baltimore attendees! If you’re interested in receiving a free sample of tea, email me at bejoyed[at]yahoo[dot]com with your name and mailing address.

The offer is good from now until July 1st, so please be in touch soon if you are interested. Also, please mention “Ignite Baltimore” in the subject line of the email, so I don’t miss you!

Getting nervous and excited – looking forward to Ignite tonight!

Update: watch the YouTube video here:

“Rare Brew Online” – a New “Tea Community”

At the end of April, a group of like-minded individuals in Kansas City got together for an event called “Startup Weekend“. The result? “Rare Brew – an Online Tea Community

According to the site, “Rare Brew is an online tea-lover’s community and shop designed to connect visitor with local & international tea experts and online reviews of tea from around the world.” Even more amazing is this: “In the course of 54 hours, a concept for an online tea community has gone from ideation to full launch – the blogs our up, our logo is polished, and tea is ready to ship to our customers’ doors. All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better group of team members, facilitators and sponors to help us launch” Continue reading ““Rare Brew Online” – a New “Tea Community””

Stunning Birthday Gift…the Sorapot!!!

Tomorrow is my birthday. On a Monday. Bah. So early Saturday morning my husband comes down the stairs with a box, saying that he wanted to give me my gift early so I could enjoy it through the weekend.

The sight of the box alone sent me into shock. There it was – what I really wanted for my birthday but had never dared tell him. How did he know of its existence? Where in the world did he get it? How did he become a mind reader?

But there it was. The lovely corrugated cardboard box wrapped in rope that could only be holding one thing…my very own Sorapot.

It is a weighty pot in brushed silver. A thing of beauty on it’s own, but far more beautiful with tealeaves in it. A bit clumsy to use in terms of opening and closing, but honestly worth the bit of extra effort not to pinch your fingers in it. The first pour was a bit awkward, since I’m used to pouring slowly – it needs to be thoroughly tipped in order to pour correctly. But once I got the hang of it I was golden.

We don’t have a display cabinet in our house. This teapot may be a game changer in that regard. Will this be the Wagenfeld Teapot of my generation? So far, loving my Sorapot…and feeling quite a bit spoiled for my birthday!

Coffee & Tea Festival NYC, 2009

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending Coffee & Tea Festival NYC, which was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Since I will not be able to attend Tea Expo in Las Vegas this year, it was great to see a few familiar faces and learn a bit more about my favorite beverage at a venue a bit closer to Baltimore. Continue reading “Coffee & Tea Festival NYC, 2009”

I’d be silly not to mention this Tea article…on!

Digg This URL Grey: Tea Is the New Coffee

It’s Kevin Rose! Tim Ferriss! Jesse Jacobs of Samovar Tea Lounge! On discussing tea! I could write more, but the article is more interesting than my recap would be.

It doesn’t get more tea and techie than this 🙂 – The better Twitter for tea? appears to be a relatively new site (beta) dedicated to what I’m finding to be a hot trend among the tea savvy and uber-geeky…the need to constantly update others of what we are sipping at every moment of the day.

I know this is completely lost on most of my non “tea enthusiastic” friends. They don’t understand that we’re not just drinking this stuff. We cherish our sources, and love to share information about our favorite teas and how we prepare them. We also like to tell others about experiences that aren’t so good, so they can avoid a lousy cuppa. I thought I had found my ultimate tea update crazy-place in Twitter, where I’ve been enjoying a casual back and forth with my new found tea birds. That was, until I discovered Steepster.

Continue reading “ – The better Twitter for tea?”

Tea News on Topix

I was introduced to this site today – Tea News – Topix is a website which aggregates the news found on its many pages from stories found all across the web. It then gives its users the ability to create their own pages based on common interests, regions and the like. The site also encourages discussion on forums regarding featured stories as well as user-generated topics within the different pages.

There is a crazy amount of relatively up-to-date news on tea here! I tend to get a little overwhelmed with small print and multiple boxes packed with information, but for what it is – a site linking to as many other sites as it can – I can see why they chose to go with this kind of format.

The volume of advertising is a bit much for my taste, but I understand the desire to monetize online. I’d be out of work otherwise. To make up for all the ads, I can say I’m at least impressed by the amount of international tea news I found. Also, there really weren’t very many articles that were mistakenly aggregated and off-topic (I can’t count how many times the Texas Education Agency has appeared in my Google Alerts for tea) Tea News – Topix will be going in my bookmarks for now, and I look forward to seeing if it continues to deliver.

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