I was introduced to this site today – Tea News – Topix

Topix.com is a website which aggregates the news found on its many pages from stories found all across the web. It then gives its users the ability to create their own pages based on common interests, regions and the like. The site also encourages discussion on forums regarding featured stories as well as user-generated topics within the different pages.

There is a crazy amount of relatively up-to-date news on tea here! I tend to get a little overwhelmed with small print and multiple boxes packed with information, but for what it is – a site linking to as many other sites as it can – I can see why they chose to go with this kind of format.

The volume of advertising is a bit much for my taste, but I understand the desire to monetize online. I’d be out of work otherwise. To make up for all the ads, I can say I’m at least impressed by the amount of international tea news I found. Also, there really weren’t very many articles that were mistakenly aggregated and off-topic (I can’t count how many times the Texas Education Agency has appeared in my Google Alerts for tea) Tea News – Topix will be going in my bookmarks for now, and I look forward to seeing if it continues to deliver.