Saw both of these items on Think Geek, one of my favorite sites for gift items I find funny and my husband never understands.

Yerba Mate, Gourd and Bombilla Set!…it’s not quite tea (Mate is not derived from the Camilla Sinensis plant), but Mate is showing up on tea sites and in tearooms everywhere in the US.
Monkey-Picked Tea!…I suspect an oolong. And no, it’s not really picked by monkeys “Monkey-Picked” is supposed to mean that the tea is of better quality*. Just remember quality is subjective. And that the tea vendor may really want you to believe they have Monkeys tending tea bushes. This teaches us if you want to impress others, telling them their food was collected by animals wins points.

I like how tech geeks are seeing beyond the industrial coffee makers and flavia machines of the world to get their fix. But hell, I just love geeks in general. And ones that know what to do with a Bombilla? Sweetness.

*correction/addition: Sandy M Bushberg of T-Ching was kind enough to contact me via Twitter with a far better explanation of “Monkey-Picked” than I provided. He says “Monkey-picked usually refers to the legends about the highest (and best quality) tea leaves picked in the Wuyi Shan mountains.” Many thanks for the correction.