Tea and Teaism can easily be seen as the antithesis of the life many of us lead on line. Its soul is found away from a monitor, in the real time of several minutes to steep and enjoy (even this is considered brief) rather than the virtual reality of fast-paced consumption.

Sites that capture the understanding of this tradition rather than rushing to the payoff of quick facts and figures are becoming more prevalent, and I’m thrilled to see this.

One of these sites is TChing.com – a fantastic place where great product meets quality content.  Contributors include James Norwood Pratt (The New Tea Lover’s Treasury), Elizabeth Knight (Tea in the City: New York)  and Pearl Dexter (Tea, a Magazine) as well as many others.

The creators of TChing.com clearly understand that there is a ton of knowledge to be shared about tea, and gracefully pair an amazing amount of content with a comprehensive online tea shop.

The site can be a touch confusing to navigate,   but I think this may be due to the sheer volume of information within its pages.  I’ve participated in one of their tea tastings, and was not at all disappointed.  Totally impressed with the variety of teas, teaware, and information to be found about one of the world’s favorite  beverages. Well done, TChing.com.